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  American Old Time Fiddle Tunes

America Old time

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Pete’s new collection of ninety-eight traditional fiddle tunes draws on the distinctive styles of the Southern US especially the Appalachian Mountains. The rich tradition of fiddle tunes in Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia, as well as Mississippi, Texas, and the Ozarks, provides the back porch music for this book. All the tunes are recorded, note-for-note as written, on the accompanying CD.  

"Bowing is another big consideration... Cooper sets out twelve detailed examples of how to achieve the required off-beat accents and different kinds of down-bow beat emphasis...".
Catherine Nelson - The Strad

"In his excellent introduction Cooper... explains the whys and wherefors of the different tunings found throughout, and various bowing patterns define the “groove,” the irresistible pulse that gives this music its hypnotic character. The music continues for as long as anyone can remember a good tune—and there are many. Cooper guides the initiate, as well as more experienced players, through an enjoyable style workout.  He also plays all the tunes on the companion CD"
Mary Nemet - Strings Magazine

"Now this book and CD are a delight - essential to those who play the folk fiddle, ...but a honey jar of wonders for those like me who are fascinated by the well known English and Celtic tunes that have migrated and transmogrified, the tunes that have been written over the waters, but also very much by those tunes that the Americas have preserved but we have lost."
Beau Webber - KentFolk.com

Titles and Sample Pages:

Click here for sample page and mp3s. Arkansas Traveler
Click here for sample page and mp3s. Pig Ankle Rag

Flop-Eared Mule
Ida Red
Turey in the Straw
Grey Cat on a Tennessee Farm
Muddy Roads
Cotton Eyed Joe-1
Akansas Traveler
Angeline the Baker
Eighth of January
Pig Ankle Rag
Yellow Barber
Martha Campbell
Josh and I
Lowery's Quadrille
West Fork Gals
Rock the Cradle, Joe
Mississippi Sawyer
Sadie at the Back Door
Peeler Creek Waltz
Cotton Eyed Joe-2
Ladies on the Steamboat
Cumberland Gap
Elk River Blues
Possum on a Rail
McMichen's Reel
Katy Hill
Shortenin' Bread
Seneca Square Dance
Ora Lee
Blackberry Blossom
Frosty Morning
You're Welcome Home, Royal Charlie
Betty Likens
Kitchen Girl
Devil in the Strawstack
June Apple
Little Rabbit
Bill Cheatem
Yellow Gal
Grub Springs
Sally Gooden
Cherokee Shuffle
Elzick's Farewell
Sheep Shell Corn by the Rattlin' of his Horn
Salt River
Shenandoah Falls
Wild Rose of thee Mountain
The Twin Sisters
The Boys of Blue Hill
Old Molly Hare
The Fairy Dance
Green Willis
The New Rigged Ship
Sister Ann
Ryestraw-1 - Ryestraw-2
Fisher's Hornpipe
Forked Deer
Robinson County
Belle of Lexington
Kitty's Wedding
Swannanoa Waltz
Doney Gal
Sweet Marie
Rosy Lee
Sweet Sunny South
Jeff Sturgeon
Breaking up Christmas
Cotton Eyed Joe-3
Candy Girl
Chinquapin Hunting
Little Billy Wilson
Ways of the World
Little Girl with her Hair all down Behind
Cluck Old Hen
Ducks in the Pond
Falls of Richmond
Jack o'Diamonds/The Drunken Hiccups
Willow on the Lake
Chicken and Dumplin's
Flowers of Edinburgh
Shove the Pig's Foot a Little Farther in the Fire
Lady Hamilton
Lost Boy
Glory in the Meeting House
New Money
Wagoner One-Step
Katy Did
Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase
Billy in the Low Ground
Pike's Peak
East Tennessee Blues
Beaumont Rag
Taylor's Quickstep
Coleman's March
Midnight on the Water
Bonaparte's Retreat-1
Bonaparte's Retreat-2
Raleigh and Spencer
Queen of the Earth, Child of the Stars

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