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  So Far So Good

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So Far So Good is a 2010 compilation featuring Dan's predecessor in the band, Chris Moreton (guitar) - the best of Eight More Miles (2006) and Return Journey (2003).

Earlier Band

'It's hard to believe that it's seven years since Dave first went into the WildGoose studios with Pete and Chris to record Return Journey, a look at the musical connections and cross-overs between the British Isles and the Appalachians. After the recording we decided to play together as 'Rattle On the Stovepipe', the title of a song on the album. By 2006 we'd settled down as a band and went back into the studio to record 8 More Miles. These first two albums have sold out, but we offer this compilation of 'best' tracks.'
- Dave, Pete and Dan, 2010


Return Journey CD Cover

Return Journey

Dave Arthur has produced a CD that's an entertaining, informed and intelligent look at songs, ballads and tunes that crossed from the British Isles to the United States, 'on the lips, in the fingers and in the hearts of generations of emigrants,' as he says in his excellent and witty sleeve notes. The transformations are fascinating, and sometimes surprising, the first track going straight for it with the Morris tune 'Shepherds Hey' becoming 'Old Molly Hare'. It's obvious once you've heard it… I loved the very spooky 'Oh Death', which Dave says was inspired by Doc Boggs' version, and 'I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me', which he learnt from Jeff Davis, who had it from Connemara's Joe Heaney… If I had to pick a favourite track it would be 'The Two Sisters', which is quite heartbreakingly beautiful in its simplicity and restraint.
- Shirley Collins, fRoots


o More Miles Cd Cover

8 More Miles

In these days of too clever-clever Americana, it's immensely refreshing to hear real old time music played with such verve and melodic nous by musicians at the very top of their game. Many of the ballads and tunes collected in the US had, of course, their genesis in these isles and the repertory here is best described as Anglo-American. Listen to the familiar jig "New Rigged Ship" beloved of box players in sessions nationwide and then hear its coupling and development into "Green Willis" – a fiddle and banjo reel… Here are tales from the dark side – supernatural, mysterious, compelling.  Of death, true love and false lovers.  Sentiment in spades… Add to this polkas, waltzes and downright breathless fox-chasing and you have an exhilarating roller coaster of an album for the discerning listener… A very appealing debut – this hits every spot available!
- Clive Pownceby, Lancashire Wakes

I have described Pete Cooper elsewhere as "a bit of a chameleon" and he continues this here, sounding as stylish and authentic an oldtime fiddler as you could wish for, then swapping to another persona and doing exactly the same for English fiddle. Chris Moreton is one of these islands' finest flatpick guitarists and is also an excellent accompanist. Dave Arthur plays guitar and banjo and takes the lion's share of the lead vocals. His vocal style is unusual; he is a very percussive singer, hitting the beginning of notes very hard and then letting the tone taper away; couple with this his penchant for sprechtstimme a sort of pitched/unpitched speaking of some of the lyrics and you get a performance which ought not to work, but in fact is just what is needed and really spruces up the songs… Shirley Collins describes this album as "A Perfect Pleasure": Hear! hear!
- Paul Burgess, Shreds and Patches

Tunes in mp3 format:
The New Rigged Ship, Green Willis
The Boatman, Cuffy
The Two Sisters
Tennessee Mountain Fox-Chase
The Light Dragoon, Downfall of Paris
When He Cometh, Michael Turner's Waltz
The Lakes Of Pontchartrain
Napoleon Crossing the Alps
Eight More Miles To Louisville
Shepherds Hey, Old Molly Hare
Father, Father, Build Me A Boat
Oh Death
Fred Pidgeon's No.1, Jenny Lind Polka
Sail Away Ladies
Dan O' Keeffe's No. 2, Ducks in the Pond
I wish I Had Someone to Love Me




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